Quality Paint Tips for Designer Living

From a small two-up-two-down to a large rambling country pile, a person’s home is very much their castle, and house-proud homeowners are often keen to present it in a way that both they and others will find welcoming, striking and comfortable.

This needn’t cost. As a matter of fact, choosing the right designer paint for the home is the quickest and most cost effective way you can transform your house from shabby to stunning.

With a plethora of tempting colours to choose from, the hardest part can be deciding which shade will suit both you and your home and it’s an important decision to make.

From popping brights to softer neutrals, we list our handy tips to help you find that perfect colour with the designer-style wow factor.

  • don’t rush. If you are not sure which colour would suit your house, then it is a good idea to start flicking through those interior magazines and blogs to create your own scrapbook. It will soon become clear which style you keep being drawn to…
  • think about the use of the room. Is it a room you like to relax in or is it a busy fun space for entertaining? This can be reflected in the colour you choose.
  • lighting. This can completely change the colour you saw in the shop! Natural light will reveal the truest colour. Incandescent lighting can make the colour appear warm while fluorescent lighting gives a harsh tone. Pop a paint patch on the walls and see how it reacts to differing light situations, night and day
  • remember, you can make a colour more impactful by using decorative finishes like metallics or layered coloured glazes
    (eg: Munncrete & Novacolor products)
  • walk from one room to another to gauge how they flow into one another
  • if you are looking for an effective tool that can help you in modifying and intensifying colours, then you can make use of a colour wheel. This will help you create great combinations. You can also use it in identifying the ‘visual temperature’ of colours separating warm from cool shades.
  • experiment with different paint finishes. Be aware that paint can appear very differently on differing surfaces which mean you can create an interrelated appearance for the whole area.

With the continuous demand for designer paints, there is no shortage of companies offering a wide selection of popular brands. Where possible, choose the right provider in order to be assured that you can get the most effective finish for your home and value for money. With this, you can also get the most out of your money because you will feel better satisfied with the outcome.

Our tips when buying designer paints

  • choose a company that had been in the decorating or paint industry for some time. If they have a good, well-established reputation, then you can be assured that they can offer you quality products and knowledgeable advice.
  • check the selection of paints on offer. The more choices you have, the greater your chance of finding what you really need
  • compare prices of each provider, especially if you have a limited budget.
  • choose a company that can provide you with the latest colours and credentials on the market such as eco attributes, zero VOC’s and durability.

Do you have any other tips when buying paints? Tell us @RayMunnLtd

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