Spray Plaster

As proper surface preparation is the key to a professional finish with paint, wallpaper or a specialist finish, it is not surprising that we offer a plastering product that delivers the ideal surface.

Spray Plaster also ensures substantial savings can be achieved in both costs and time to the benefit of both contractor and client.

On a recent European 12.000 m² project it was demonstrated that using the spray plaster system resulted in a time saving of c. 45% and a cost saving of approximately 40%.

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Munncrete - Microcement & Polished Concrete

Munncrete is a new revolutionary multifunctional cement-porcelain coating and is the latest addition to Ray Munn's growing portfolio of specialist and innovative own brands. Providing a unique and decorative 'seamless and impervious coating system'.

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Protectguard - ultimate porous building materials protection

The ProtectGuard family of products is the ultimate protection for building materials on roofs, facades, walls, floors and ground surfaces. This family of green impregnating sealers protects every kind of building material against water, oil, stains, pollution, dirt, graffiti, grime, organic growth, carbonation.

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