eicó paints

eicó paints

The genesis of eicó, a UK company, was to create a range of paints that delivers a unique combination. The result is that eicó paints offer exceptional durability, the finest quality, an extensive range of interior and exterior finishes, genuinely minimal environmental impact, an unlimited colour palette and highly competitive prices.

eicó paints blend the purest raw materials and manufacture in Iceland and Sweden, mostly using a combination of geothermal heat and hydropower.

This enables eicó to produce paint that is both premium quality but, hand-in-hand with the lightest carbon footprint. The quality of ingredients means that eicó paints are non-yellowing and the VOC content is exceptionally low. In addition, there are an unusually wide range of finishes.

Fundamental for most families is that the durability of eicó paints is particularly high, a benchmark that was achieved following years of exhaustive testing. Both colour matching, using sophisticated technology, as well as the creation of bespoke colours are options available to everyone. Unsurprisingly, eicó paints stand out from other designer paint manufacturers in Europe.

eicó Paint Finishes 


eicó colour card

Download a high resolution colour card to see the full range of available colours here.

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