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Ican Porslin


A superior water based multi surface core - shell acrylate polyurethane enamel paint in an eggshell finish that acts like oil paint with performance and credentials that are second to none. It is recommended for painting interior and exterior surfaces including woodwork, metal, glass and tiles. It dries to a non - yellowing, scratch water and UV resistant and rust protecting eggshell finish.Ican Porslin protects against mould, fungi and algae and is perfectly suitable for food area and where water and moisture are present.

Area of Use

Interior and exterior wood working, metal, window sills, rust protected iron objects, glass, tiles, ceramics, MDF, walls, ceilings, plaster board, lining paper,glass fibre, particle board, concrete, masonry, cement, rendered plaster.


The surface must be stable, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, dirt,grease and oil. Use only where application and drying can proceed at temperature above 7ºC with relative humidity below 85%. Surface temperature should be 7-35ºC. Apply with brush or short hair lint free enamel roller. After diluting with water, it can also be spray applied.


  • Technical Information
  • Sheen level: 17 (porslin)
  • Solvent / Cleaning of tools: water
  • Coverage: 6 - 10m2 / litre
  • Solid content: 37 % of volume
  • Recoating time: 12 hours
  • Drying time: touch dry 2 hours, totally dry 3 - 4 days (At 20oC and max 85 % humidity)
  • Recoating time: 12 hours
  • Shelf life: 2 years in unopened, frost free conditions.
  • VOC: Max 130g/litre. EU limit for this product is 130g/litre
  • Colour: White and colours
  • Resign: Core-shell acrylate polyurethane
  • Application: Brush, roller or spray
  • Density: 13kg/litre
  • Viscosity: 310 cP
  • Washability: 10.000 laps


Safety Handle with care. Consult material safety datasheet and follow all local and national regulations. Avoid inhalation and contact with skin and eyes. Do not swallow. Take precautions against possible risk of fire and explosion as well as protection of the environment. Apply only in well ventilated areas.

 Do not paint if the surface is colder than 7ºC. Once opened, keep can tightly sealed.

Wipe away as much paint as possible from painting tools before cleaning with water.Liquid paint waste must not be poured down the drain, dispose of it according to local regulations.Hand in empty cans to your nearest recycling depot.


ican Porslin

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