Munncrete - Microcement & Polished Concrete

Munncrete is a new revolutionary multifunctional cement-porcelain coating and is the latest addition to Ray Munn's growing portfolio of specialist and innovative own brands. Providing a unique and decorative 'seamless and impervious coating system'.

It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissures and offers a stylish and practical solution to transforming large surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, counters, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools.

Combining contemporary style with a hint of the modish industrial, Munncrete is available in an array of attractive colour choices. It can also be tinted to match specific shades and perfectly complement any colour scheme – ideal for business workplaces, homes, offices and retail outlets.

Substrate Preparation Prior to applying “Munncrete”

Munncrete needs to be laid onto flat, dry, solid substrates. Please note Munncrete is only approx. 3mm thick so any imperfection in the sub-base will show through which is why we need a totally flat surface to lay to. Details of surfaces as follows:


Latex screed: If a concrete sub-base with under-floor heating, the slab will need to be totally dry and ideally the underfloor should have been functioning for some 28 days so that any shrinkage in the sub-base happens prior to us laying our top coat.

Unless stated to the contrary our quotations will also allow for laying a fibreglass mesh first over the floor which will help prevent any minor cracks in the sub-base affecting the top surface.  Any major fissures in the sub-base will however have an impact – hence the reason why the UFH should be commissioned and running before we come in. Marine Ply Sheets: Munncrete can also be laid onto a Marine ply substrate. It needs to be totally rigid (min 18mm thick) screwed to the sub-base every 200mm centres. All screws need to be countersunk and together with all joins in the ply smoothed over with a feather latex screed.


Plasterboard: All joints needs to be taped and the walls skimmed with plaster. Blockwork will also need to be skimmed with plaster and allowed to dry. All external corners need to be fitted with a metal bead.


It is easier/better if the skirtings are left off. Please note this is a 6/7 coat process, with each coat taking approx. 12-24 hours before the subsequent coat can be applied. No one would be able to walk in the area once the application process has started.  It then takes a good 7-10 days to fully cure (light traffic possible after some 72 hrs).

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